Luke’s Journey

We had been in contact with Brandy Beach Hudson who works with For Love of a Paw (FLOAP) in Elloree, South Carolina in regards to the rescue of Luke whom Jerry rescued on October 6, 2020 (Jerry was the original rescuer of Luke not once but three times bringing him home the last time because of the incompetence of Brandy and her operation to keep him contained at the operation of FLOAP) please refer to Luke’s Timeline for screenshots of this communications. We were told that “they” Brandy and Nicole Lynn Spear (coordinates adoptions) were getting their paperwork together and that finalizing the adoption was a forthcoming. Even though we were told they would be getting it together we never received it. However my question is Luke was surrendered to Jerry so why do we need to “adopt” him? Luke has been in our home and cared for 131 days of the 137 days total. Tammy was contacted by Nicole via text message about an upcoming veterinarian appointment Luke had on 2/19/2020 at 9 am. I explained in response to this text the appointment wasn’t necessary his stitches were healed. She insisted on the appointment and the dental and promised no teeth would be pulled. Tammy transported Luke to the appointment and little did we know that was the last time we would see Luke… when Luke hopped back into the front seat not wanting Tammy to leave him there. Little did we know that Brandy and Nicole manipulatively took him from us by distorting and manipulating facts to the Board Members at FLOAP. Brandy picked him up after his appointment, all the while ignoring text messages and messages on social media for his return. Brandy and the Board of FLOAP took Luke after nearly six months of unconditional love, nurturing, and care we provided for him all the while adoption process was iniment. We provided FLOAP all the documentation of conversations between all parties involved and provided Luke’s timeline with coinciding text message screenshots to provide collaborating evidence of the events of Luke’s care and communication of his Adoption. We requested a meeting with the board of FLOAP as well as review of our documentation in which is now being made public and is outlined through this website and blog due to no response to rectify this situation and to do the right thing by returning Luke to his Family. However no response even though we recieved an email that a reaponse was forthcoming by board member: Emily Barrus on behalf of FLOAP on Sunday 2/21/21. However at the time of writing this: 2/23/21 2:22 pm we have continued to be ignored and no response for our pleas for his return, as well as to finalize Luke’s adoption If that is even necessary… to his only family he has ever known. In which we our now going public with our case and including all information of events to this point becuse this act is cruel and heartless. Notification of given to FLOAP that we would be going public with our story and we truly had hoped they would review the documentation and do the right thing moving forward. All communications are listed in Luke’s Timeline of events.