We have been struggling to post this update. As you read through the court filings and the documentation to validate that in our opinion and have always maintained that Brandy Beach Hudson and the board members of For the Love of a Paw (FLOAP) in which she is a director are manipulative, deceptive, and dishonest. Brandy Beach Hudson and the board members at FLOAP backed her continuous lies… even their own attorney Chasity Avinger who is one of FLOAP’S founding board member and was on the board as of 2021; who also happens to be a local municipal judge stepped down as their attorney in this case.

We originally requested a change of venue on 11/17/2020 here are the legal filings:

Change of Venue Documents Link

The Change of Venue was granted. We went to file in Charleston County where we were told Luke was located. The Chief Magistrate Judge in Charleston County required the address of the location of the property (Luke) was located. See email between the Orangeburg County Magistrate Judge, our attorney, and Chaisty Avinger (lawyer a the time for FLOAP) stating that Luke was with a “foster” in Pennsylvania.

Luke’s Location Email Link

We then filed motions for Summary Judgment and a Motion to Reconsider Default Judgment due to FLOAP’s deception and Brandy Beach Hudson’s Lies as well as moving the “property” Luke:

Motions Summary Judgment and Reconsider Default Link

FLOAP’s Summary Judgment filing with “new attorney” and Brandy Beach Hudson’s Affidavit:

FLOAPs summary judgement FLOAP’s Summary Judgment Filing and Brandy Beach Hudson Affidavit Link

During Brandy’s Affidavit she perjured herself when stating the following LIES:

LIE #1: Stated in FLOAP’s summary judgment filed with Orangeburg County Court stating that in the first paragraph that Tammy Barrett or Gearld Kinzler was ever owner of the dog (Luke).

Please see our surrender statement by previous owner: Surrender Statement MAKING JERRY KINZLER SOLE OWNER OF LUKE

LIE #2: FLOAP’s summary judgment states that Luke was “abandoned or at large”. Which is ANOTHER LIE!!! In the fundraiser done for LUKE Brandy stated in screenshots of the fundraiser in this link: Luke’s Fundraiser on FLOAP Link facebook page stated that there was “a litter of puppies born near the corner of town commonly called skid row.” She went on to say in the fundraiser for Luke stating “one day they were brave and stopped to offer help. That they offered to get the pups into rescue.” In the next paragraph stating that they were “able to make off with 9 puppies and the mom for $20.00 each but there was one beautiful blonde male pup the owner refused to turn over (referring to Luke in her fundraiser for him). After several attempts and more money, he still refused.” After Brandy stole Luke from us, we asked Luke’s previous owner if he had been paid for puppies by Brandy or anyone affiliated with FLOAP or any other rescue. He stated he did not. That he did surrender Luke’s litter mates to Orangeburg County Animal Control, and he kept Luke in which he called him Whitie and Luke’s mama. Her entire story on the fundraiser about Luke is a lie. it is also a misrepresentation of facts and deceptive not to mention deceitful to followers when asking for online contributions for a Registered Charity. We later found out through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request through Orangeburg County Animal Control that in fact Luke’s previous owner did surrender Luke’s litter mate’s years earlier as his previous owner had stated and kept Luke. He did NOT ever surrender Luke’s littermates to Brandy Beach Hudson, FLOAP, or any other rescue. He surrendered to Orangeburg County Animal Control, and he drove them to Animal Control, he was not offered money for them as Brandy Beach Hudson stated in the fundraiser post on FLOAPs Facebook page. Link to Luke’s litter mates surrendered to Orangeburg County Animal Control and NOT to Brandy Beach Hudson:

2015 Williams Luke’s Litter Mates Surrendered Link These documents shows that only 3 of 4 of this litter was released to “Friends of Orangeburg County Animal Control” which is currently in revoked status by the IRS for failure to file financial statements and Brandy Beach Hudson is listed on their Facebook page as being a director of this failed rescue as well.

These documents of Luke’s littermates shows that Luke was NOT a stray or animal at large as FLOAP Perjured in stating that Luke was an abandoned animal in their filing to the court. In our opinion this was an attempt to question the validity of Jerry’s surrender statement from Luke’s previous owner. Which is the same owner of the puppies as well as of Luke.

Furthermore, Luke was never “relinquished” to Brandy Beach Hudson. If he had been she wouldn’t have had to manipulate a vet appointment in order to steal him the way she did. She again would have been able to come to our home and remove him properly like an adult or further yet professionally. This shows Brandy Beach Hudson’s character. Screenshot of a message forwarded to us in which Brandy Beach Hudson admitting she could not come to our home to remove Luke: Admitting she couldn’t take Luke Link

LIE #3 FLOAP stated in their Summary Judgment that the adopter took possession of Luke the same day that Brandy Beach Hudson had stolen him from us. But Luke suffered for YEARS….. living less then a 1/4 mile from her rescue… did Brandy rescue Luke?  How many times did Brandy or members of FLOAP and the comments of residents in the community of Elloree all seen Luke living there and didn’t do anything to help Luke…. It took JERRY rescuing Luke… and we cared for Luke and nurtured him back to health. Loved him, bathed him, socialized him, and she NEVER knew the conditions of Lukes living situation. WHY? She didn’t ask to see. WHY? Luke did not belong to her. But an adopter who had never cared for Luke or even met him prior is more suitable??? To go so far to steal him from us without even seeing Lukes living conditions and his bond with the first family he ever had that showed him care, love, and concern. To further point out that FLOAP stated and provided to the court adoption paperwork all the while their former attorney and also former CFO stating in a previous email to the Judge or Orangeburg County Magistrate court that Luke was in fact with the foster in Pennsylvania. Luke’s Location Email LInk 

Brandy Beach Hudson also stated during a recorded interview with a private investigator Darcy Butkus with Inspector Bark that Luke was with a “foster”. Stated in interview that the foster was aware and that the lady or the family who has this dog is the one who applied to adopt him. Brandy Beach Hudson acknowledged and admitted that Luke was still under foster and that the foster paid for additional vet care for Luke all on her dime. Clip of Interview and Brandy Beach Hudson stating this during an interview held on 4/29/21

Audio Interview with Brandy Beach Hudson – LUKE WITH FOSTER Link

LIE #4: In Brandy Beach Hudson’s affidavit called Jerry a “volunteer” of FLOAP’s. Jerry had never been in contact or ever been affiliated with FLOAP even during Luke’s care in our home. Our phone records also prove no phone contact between FLOAP or Jerry Kinzler.

LIE #5: Jerry rescued Luke and it was planned with his employer Mickey Weeks. Brandy Beach Hudson was not involved in the rescue of Luke: Mickey Weeks Statement Link

LIE #6: Line #2 she states in her affidavit that she contacted Jerry to help her rescue, Luke. However, she does not provide phone records or text messages of such contact. Why does she NOT provide this? Because it doesn’t exist it’s a LIE. We DO have our phone records and COMPLETE text messages with Brandy Beach Hudson, and this is an outright LIE!

LIE #4: Line #3 Brandy Beach Hudson continues to state that Jerry texted her and stated that Luke was crated and at the FLOAP rescue house and that Jerry Surrendered Luke. However AGAIN Brandy Beach Hudson does NOT back this statement up with a copy of the text message and WHY? because it is a LIE this text message again does NOT exist.

As a matter of fact, compare screenshots that is on the Lukes Timeline and the only text messages she provides in her Affidavit are those from Lukes Timeline. None of her own text messages.

LIE #5: Jerry didn’t volunteer to take Luke home as she stated in Line #6 actually Jerry caught Luke again and took him home, didn’t ask her…. told her he did. Why? Because Luke was given to Jerry by his previous owner. Refer to above Surrender Document of Luke to Jerry.

Line #9 Brandy Beach Hudson stated in her affidavit that she asked Jerry if he would be able to let him (Luke) go? Jerry responded, “yes to a good home only.” why did Jerry state “yes to a good home only”? because Jerry did NOT surrender Luke to Brandy Beach Hudson and JERRY was to have the FINAL say of Lukes Placement. This statement of “yes to a good home only” shows Jerry’s ownership of Luke. Again, she used this text message screenshot off of Luke’s timeline. Why she manipulatively and deceptively stole Luke from the vet appointment in the manner in which she did. Had she had proper rights to Luke she would have been able to remove him from our home. However, she did NOT.

Line 13 she states that she had an adopter for Luke. However, she leaves out all the text messages between herself and Jerry that IS on Lukes Timeline as well as the ones with Nicole stating an adopter was no longer needed that Luke was part of our family. Our phone records also validate the phone calls Jerry made in an attempt to reach Brandy Beach Hudson in regard to this after New Year’s.

None of the above facts, documentation, evidence against Brandy Beach Hudson or the board members of FLOAP, to include any of the filings was heard by the judge because he ruled that due to Luke no longer supposedly in South Carolina that it was not in his jurisdiction to hear the case.