Going public

We had no choice but to decide to go public with our story. Nothing was communicated that there was an issue during the last 5 months nearly six months that Luke was with us. According to Brandy when he came to our home in October he was in heart failure…. however we nursed and loved him through is heart condition due to heart worms, bathed him 2-3 times a week to clear up his skin. The time caring for him cannot put a price tag on that. We were only trying to care for him while Brandy found a foster however her fosters kept falling through that Brandy would line up… by December we decided to his forever home was with us. We were good enough to care for him when she couldn’t contain him herself, even find another foster home for him, however his home is here with the man who he was relinquished to by the previous owner. However now he is manipulatively taken from us? I gave floap 5 days to include today, more then what they gave us when they took him from us. I didn’t want to spend my energy writing a blog or taking to social media, we just want Luke home. No response is a response. It shows complete lack of empathy on the organization Floap. Luke is our family. He was cruelly taken from us and I will fight for Luke as if this happened to my child. I will not sit passively and not take action. We did no wrong or harm to Luke and I am thankful for the documented messages via text messages were saved. This was not the outcome we hoped for however I will fight for Luke and be his voice. Honestly if you were in our position and read genuinely through his timeline and communications with both Brandy Beach Hudson and Nicole Lynn Spear nothing is communicated about an issue and we were left blindsided when they picked him up from the veterinarian. Emily from FLOAP stated they were in receipt of my messages on Sunday and a response was forthcoming however nothing. Below are the messages we have sent begging and pleading for his return and finalizing his adoption, but why would the person who Luke was surrendered too even need to adopt his own dog anyway 🤔 return our dog.

Before 👆🏻
After 👇🏻

The acknowledgment of our messages and that they would be responding however to this day hasn’t. They make a decision based on what? Don’t take into account the other parties involved to include Luke who is back to life and then snatch him from us as if we haven’t done anything in the last 6 months for him?

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