Lukes Timeline Update 1

We were made aware of some inconsistent and deceptive public comments and have included screenshots (see below) made by Brandy Beach Hudson, For the Love of a Paw board member. Click here for the full post on the Facebook public page called Guard Dog USA Exposing: Pet Flippers/Bad Rescues/Abusers/Breeders, etc.

Unsolved Mystery: Elloree, SC Folks are asking ***WHY?***

Not only did Luke escape her facility just one time but twice!

However, Brandy was well aware from the inspection done by Orangeburg Country Animal Control that her fence needed to be repaired on August 18, 2020, to contain dogs in her care properly. We obtained a copy of their inspection report through an FOIA Enquiry. Luke escaped not once but twice, requiring Jerry to re-rescue him each time. The last rescue Jerry brought him HOME.

Luke was taken to his first vet appointment on October 7, 2020, and treated for heartworms. The below text messages shows that Luke not only Escaped and, I quote, “was not slow.” Why was Luke given the opportunity to escape? Why was he running? She never attempted to catch Luke. Luke NEVER ran away from our home. See screenshots below.

Luke escaped again on October 12, 2020, and for the last and final time, Jerry re-rescued him and brought him home. See below screenshots of text messages:

Luke is Jerry’s property. Luke was NEVER surrendered to For the Love of a Paw. We were NOT Luke’s foster placement. Jerry had requirements for Luke’s placement and had the final say. She instructs Jerry to put meds on his skin for itching, however she did not even bathe Luke for four days and escaped twice in Brandy’s care for 6 days. Click on video Luke comes home video to see this moment. She also withheld information that Luke was prescribed antibiotics and steroids at his first vet appointment, and she was the only one with this knowledge.

The Below picture was taken after we had given Luke his first bath. Little did we know how much we would fall in love with him. We didn’t know that at this moment, he found his forever home, and we made a promise no one would ever hurt him again, and we are determined to keep that promise to him.

Surrender Statement to Jerry – Luke’s rightful legal owner:

Brandy knew she could not come to our home to take Luke. She did not have legal recourse to do so. She manipulatively stole him under a guise of a follow-up vet appointment. Please stay tuned for more updates to follow.